New Reykjavik Index for Frontrunners tips exactly how somebody feel about females inside energy

Measuring Attitudes Off Equivalence For ladies And you can Guys In Frontrunners

It methods the newest recognized validity out-of men and women leadership inside the politics and you will round the twenty disciplines, and just how folk differ within feedback, and also the the total amount to which men and women are seen equally in terms of viability of men and women having ranking off electricity.

The Index assesses the new G7 selection of regions and 20 other marketplaces and you will personal specialities, surveying brand new thinking greater than ten,100000 individuals.

An average Reykjavik List to have Leaders score into the G7 inside release year is actually 66, on the conclusions exhibiting one or two groupings off regions: the united kingdom, France, Canada and you can U . s . that have ‘higher’ indicator and a group of three which can be a step transform below: Japan, Germany and you can Italy.

Across the G7, you’ll find wide disparities in the way women and men view the suitability of females to have management opportunities. Just like the discouraging because this is, I am recommended from the systems like the Reykjavik Index to own Leadership and help you pick the brand new countries and you can groups where in fact the equivalence demands would be the better. Lire la suite